This site is dedicated to my own compositions. These are a few examples of what I composed in the last few years. Here are two examples of what kind of music I write for the Gilles Grethen Quartet. Every piece is different and I have written more traditional swing and modal Jazz pieces for the Quartet. You can hear those when you come hear us live.

Light, the concept of hope

This cycle, which is not completed yet, expresses the metaphor of light being a kind of last glimmer of hope. The tracks represent individual aspects which light can have. All you can hear is played by myself on my guitar and it expresses a more experimental and free genre.

I wrote all of the tracks in 2017. 

Other compositions

From 2017-2018 I wrote a lot of new pieces for the "Gilles Grethen Quartet" which you can hear soon here and at our concerts.


Here are a few examples of compositions I made over the last years. The first example of 'Perpetual Motion' (written in 2015) can also be found on the Album 'Invitation-sophisticated music' by jazz pianist and vibraphone player Arthur Possing, who also features that song on the piano (drums: Pit Huberty, bass and recording/mastering: Pit Kaufmann). The second example of that tune is a solo recording with looper.

The last track in this list was recorded, also alone with loops, in 2012. You might hear a strong reference to an American band from the 70s. (Hint: Album from 1970, Eddie Hazel on Guitar)